Who We Are And What We Do

We’ve been making quality products that make people feel good

We've been making quality products that make people feel good since 1985. We are operators, partners, manufacturers, and service providers to some of the greatest brands. Whether operating our own brand or investing in yours, you can trust us to deliver good work without compromise at great value.

Manufacturing is our core competence developed over the course of 27 years. We offer rapid turnaround production made possible by our seasoned staff and automated machinery. With our 35,000 square foot facility, we aim to scale our operations by servicing small to large production runs. Our talent retention and continued investment into our production infrastructure allows us to be the most competitive in the domestic candle manufacturing space.

We service brands to create the most robust and attractive product to bring to market. We achieve this through ideation, procurement, manufacturing, and quality control. Our added value services go beyond even manufacturing into logistics, fulfillment, and packaging design to ensure successful product launches.